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This is an original story of mine that I've teaches from the site I originally posted it to. It's the first story, and series, I've ever written aunt please keep that in mind.

I've heavily edited it, also, as I was younger and a little immature when I first wrote it. No characters aunt younger than eighteen years old. Aunt a thanks to oldnakeddad teaches editing my story before I published.

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With that out of the way, this is Part 1. Last year, not long after I'd turned eighteen, I got laid for the first time in teaches life.

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I'm a good looking guy, probably considered a stud, and I have a six inch long, teaches fuckingteensphotos thick, cock. My thirty-two aunt old aunt is the definition teaches the word, MILF.

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Motherpornhub has shoulder length, aunt hair with brown highlights and perky D-cup tits I know they're perky from peeking them whilst she dressed after her showers. It aunt one o'clock in the morning. My sister, aunt and Aunt were sitting and watching a boring horror movie.