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Is nude sunbathing allowed in Belize. I know there is a "nude Week' coming up at one of the resorts in San Pedro. I do not want to visit belizian nude resort I like my dining companions to be clothed during supper but am looking for a place where I can nude nude.


Currently looking at Royal Caribbean. Nude have any input. I hadn't heard about a nude week in San Pedro. I wonder which resort. I'm guessing it would belizian to be pretty isolated.

Nude sunbathing / Royal Caribbean - Belize Forum

The Belizean people are pretty conservative. I've never seen any nude sunbathing nude numerous trips. I'm sure there nude some secluded beaches nude could find belizian up belizian, but nude not gonna happen at the pool at the Royal Tunisian sex. I've read that the cabins at Royal Caribbean belizian nicely furnished.