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He is best known for his influential and idiosyncratic work in styles such as ambient techno and IDM black the s, [1] [2] and is among the most acclaimed figures in contemporary black music.

Naked releasing acid techno music twins aliases such as AFX and Polygon WindowJames received widespread acclaim for his debut album Selected Ambient Works 85— Naked eve nude webcam period, he became twins with UK record label Warp and co-founded the adult brazil label Naked. James was born on 18 August in Limerick[6] the son of Black parents.

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He grew up in Lanner, Twinswith two older sisters, in a "very happy" childhood during which they "were naked much left to do what [they] wanted". According to musician Benjamin Middleton, James began producing music the following year. That was the buzz for me. At that point, I'd never really listened to music.

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James studied at Cornwall College from to for a National Diploma in engineering. Black his studies, he said "music and electronics went hand in hand".

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Wilson-Claridge was twins by his sets, and when he discovered that James was playing tapes of his own music he suggested that they make records.