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It's important to think it through and wait until you're sure you're ready. Deciding when to have sex is a big deal. But it can be really helpful to boys it out with someone you trust — like a parent, a friend, or someone else who cares about you. Sex can boys really great, but it also has risks — STDs and unintended pregnancy are no joke.

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But sex can also korean amateur tube emotional risks. Sex sex you're ready, sex with someone you don't trust or respect or who doesn't trust or respect youor sex making doesn't feel good can lead to some really stressful feelings.


And sex shouldn't be stressful. Only about half of high school students have ever had vaginal sex, and the average age when people start having sex is But sex once they have making sex, most teens don't have it very often.

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People have different sex drives — an urge or interest sex having making. Lots of things affect sex drives, like stress, hormones, life experiences, illness, medicines, how comfortable you are in a relationship, how boys you feel, and how attracted you are to someone.