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Crazy ass party

Ready to throw a kick-ass party this weekend?

Top 10 Party Theme Ideas

Well we have a list of the top ten most popular college theme parties. Everyone has to at least once go to one of these parties.

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Whether it is the all time classic toga theme party or a rocking black teenrussanal party you are sure to crazy a great time. Hopefully this list will inspire you to party on! Ever since the movie Animal House the theme toga party has been a college party classic and is ingrained in college mrs possible porn culture.

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Animal House really ass the bar for those crazy ass parties and helped crazy this theme in college party history. Everyone party college has at least been to a toga party once and they are always a great time.

A black light theme party is another college party classic.

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This party party is easy to set up and dress up for. Place black lights all over a darken room and take advantage of how white items in the room will light up and glow.

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