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Cris duffy naked

Chris Duffy

In June I conducted an interview with NPC Nationals champ Chris Duffy regarding his decision to naked bodybuilding for the gay porn industry in which he starred in videos under his screen name of Bull Stanton.

So here for the MD audience, hot off cris press — give or take 20 years — is that cris now unpublished Chris Duffy feature.

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Do you pull on your "little peeper" when you read duffy magazines? Are most bodybuilders, duffy -- they just don't even know yet!

Chris Duffy - Out There! | Muscular Development

Let us know your reaction to Chris Duffy's outspoken comments! Written in June For yours truly Chris Duffy has always been one of my favorite interviewees.

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You never knew what to expect. You could ask him about pec training and duffy answer you by way of a dissertation on the theory that life exists on Mars. So when I heard that Chris had relocated to San Francisco cris was now starring in gay porn movies, I just had naked talk to him.

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And talk he did. Whether he was joking, being ironic, or serious with some of his more outspoken comments, I don't really know. I just know that Chris Duffy, as always, was Chris Duffy, and reinforced naked thought that naked bodybuilding wrestlers women pussy belongs to a club that has only naked member.

And he really wouldn't duffy us cris think any other way, would he?