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Yeah this is not cool.

I was my husband's first as well and and cutelilgirl been together 12 years sexvidiobest. He's never asked me something like cutelilgirl, not would he.

Our sex life isn't even that great because I have an autoimmune disease and often can't be intimate due to medications or health issues. Cutelilgirl do think you guys need to go cutelilgirl couples therapy.

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Good luck with cutelilgirl It's good that your husband feels that way cutelilgirl everyone has a different cutelilgirl and what may satisfy him may not satisfy others. Not many people realize exactly how diverse human sexuality cutelilgirl intimacy is. With that being said, I cutelilgirl OP's husband cutelilgirl able to find a solution that doesn't break the relationship, cutelilgirl it be therapy, spicing things up with OP, or exploring sexual services or businesses together, if she is comfortable with naked defiance. Stop giving him credit.