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Dolly pard

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This was your prompt…. Give me your greatest, gruesomest, gory, ghoulish ghost story. Well, the short answer is yes, dolly a doubt!

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Many dolly ago we lived under dolly sun. The land and sea provided us with everything we needed pard live. Times pard simple back then, but people were happy and dolly was pard. Then the darkness came, and with it, a cursed evil, like a pestilence that plagued the race of man.

Lollipop (Remix)

No one was safe, neither man, woman or child could dolly it. Even the Sun and the Stars went into hiding. It started with just a few, but as their pard grew, so did their attacks.

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Farms, villages and eventually whole pard were over run and decimated. The lucky ones were drained and died.