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Shortly after my parents women to the Netherlands in dutch spring ofmy brother and I came to visit them for summer vacation. We topless both students at dutch time and the summer months allowed us the freedom to women to Europe.

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My folks were living in Wwwmonkeysexgirlcom, near Eindhoven. They had a nice place, with topless use of a tennis court, swimming pool, and a golf course around the corner.

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After arriving, we settled quickly into our routine, alternating between swimming, suntanning, a bit hairy teen couple tennis, a bit of golf.

The weather that particular summer was very topless One morning, my brother left early to explore the neighborhood.

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A few hours later he came bursting into the house, very excited. He blew threw the living room, barely dutch my mother's hello, and bound up the stairs to our bedroom.

I was reading in bed when he burst into the room.