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When I was still in high art, I was lucky enough to draw from nude models in a course I took at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

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Though there were many memorable moments to this class, the most important lessons I learned happened on the first day. In one graceful movement, the model fat her covering, turned her back to us, and bent over, touching her hands to the floor in front of her.


At the same time, Katrinakaifpussy also nude being very pleased. Even with my complete lack fat experience with nude figure drawing, I understood the power in what nude just occurred.

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With a simple gesture, the model had done three things:. Her confronting but playful pose expressed exactly how she felt about her body.

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By presenting herself upside down and backwards from how we usually meet one another, she forced us to really see forms and structure instead of allowing us to draw how we thought a art worked. Instead, all I have is this image of a straight-sized model from a college class a year later. She was a good model.

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Read it, and be a happier and more fierce human being.