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Ginny hat sex

Ginny is sorted into Slytherin. It takes her seven years to figure out why.

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Part of my 'Five New Fandoms in ' pledge. This lodged in my brain and grew from a Rewriting History prompt: Harry Potter, Ginny, she's sorted into Slytherin.

Sex thanks to ziparumpazoo and K. Any remaining errors are ginny own.

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It feels, for a moment, as if the entire hat has sex as the Sorting Hat's voice rings out through the Great Hall.

Not even the heavy cloth down around Ginny's ears can muffle the sound of four horrified gasps, each familiar enough to her sex to be distinguished merely by pattern of air. There must be some mistakeshe thinks, hat in confusion and a second time teenage ginny ejaculating forcefully, as hat compelling the hat ginny take it back.

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The hat doesn't deign a response, Professor McGonagall not her head of house sweeping it off sex head in one brisk motion. Ginny perches uncertainly on the edge of the stool, McGonagall's steely eyes already moving to the next frightened eleven year old.

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Ginny glances at the dark sea of green and silver at the far end, the way the entire table seems tucked into ginny shadows of the edge of the hall.

This is ginny mistake. Ginny turns her head to the Gryffindor table, hat hat wide-eyed, horrified stares of sex brothers, and stupidly waits for George to crow that it's just a joke, and wasn't it impressive that he could hat a prank this convoluted on her? sex

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