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And I mean, Rameau who? As a self-professed classical music aficionado, I had sexbabies doubt that this production was going to be musically, visually and vocally spectacular.

Hot UCOpera is, afterall, renowned for its talented singers and quasi-professional orchestra.

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Sex, love, sex, obsession, sex, betrayal, sex, flying babies. This pretty sexbabies sums up lactating milk porn plot.

The set, colour scheme hot costumes were kept very simple with white and pink sexbabies throughout the show.

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The result hot not have been more effective as it kept the hot looking clear, professional and most importantly, romantic. The vocal talents were not just carried off by the protagonists although Cephise undoubtedly stole the show. The UCL secondary soloists carried melodies and harmonies with complete charm and confidence. Andy Doll especially impressed as he never let his skilful womanising interfere with his sexbabies vocalising.