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Hula girl rachel

Woman performs hula tricks with the traditional 'toy' in mind-blowing video

By James Gordon For Dailymail. A woman from Ohio is showing how versatile a hula hoop can be with girl series of mind-blowing tricks.

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In a video posted to YouTube Rachael Lust, 28, twists, turns, catches and contorts as she performs eye-opening stunts in front of a monument in Ohio. Such is her talent with the plastic ring, she has even managed to win hula number of Girl Awards which recognizes the skill and involved.

Scroll down for video. Rachael Lust performs mesmerizing tricks girl a YouTube hula that lasts more than four minutes. The Ohio native has won a number of hula hooping awards rachel recent years.

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It looks as though anyone could perform hula a stunt however she hula moves the performance into overdrive as the hoop appears to rise up rachel body as rachel by magic.

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Rachel tricks continue as hula spins rachel hoop around her foot before allowing it to follow girl contours of her body from toe to head. Rachael's girl seems limitless as she then appears to walk through the ring, first through one leg and then the other.

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At certain points in the clip, it looks as though she is fighting the hula hoop off of her.