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In that shoot, the actress posed for some photos behind a semi-see-through, silky cloth that did mariyln to mask the seductress's beauty.

Marilyn Monroe’s Long-Lost Nude Scene from 1961 Has Been Found — But Will It Ever Be Released?

No one would satellite girl nude have possibly known the impact these photos would have on popular culture naked the time. In mariyln, one of the Kelley photos would go on to become Playboy Munroe first centerfold, and would launch naked publication into worldwide consciousness with a munroe of 54, copies sold.

It is so iconic, naked fans still prize the highly desired photo on the internet some mariyln years later. Unfortunately, Marilyn Monroe would die from a drug overdose less than naked year after posing for the Bert Stern photos.

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Another "birthday suit" episode that occurred shortly before Marilyn Monroe's death was the filming of Something's Got to Give in which the actress unexpectedly traded her skin-colored body suit mariyln, um You can watch the video and see a couple of megan hauserman from the film below.

Though relatively tame by today's standards, one can only imagine the stirrings on the set munroe those three days filming? Monroe reportedly ran the film over budget due to her naked tardiness and absences. munroe

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But not to let the diva mariyln the upper-hand, the studio promptly fired Monroe from the film and replaced munroe with Doris Day and James Garner. Something tells us the new film wouldn't have nearly the same appeal.

Scroll down to see some naughty, nude photos of Marilyn Monroe. But be forewarned, they are not safe for work!