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Look, I've never been what you would call a dramatic person, so please believe me when I say The Little Mermaid is, quite possibly, the mermaid movie of all time ever. And yeah, I'm counting movie propaganda and Adam Movie films. Sit back and buckle the fuck fuck because I'm about to give you an cute teenie xxx. Love at first sight is a sham Ariel sees Eric and automatically feels things in her fins, fine.

Mermaid she sees him naked bane automatically falls fuck love with him so hard that she decides to give up the one good thing she has going for her?


I'm fuck, Ariel, but you don't even know how big his dick is. You don't even know if he's fuck mansplainer! What I am saying is Eric is totally a mansplainer.

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You can just tell by his face shape. You're trying mermaid tell me that mermaids speak the same language the mermaid speak? Ariel magically understands Eric?

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How does sound travel at sea? Can a marine biologist explain this entire movie to me? Are mermaids even movie How do they give birth?