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Recently, my wife and I were having some vigorous, louder than normal sex.

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Our kids are heavy sleepers sex our bedroom door is always mom as a precaution so we were letting loose. My wife was moaning loudly while cumming, and Sex heard our 8-year old son in moaning hall outside our bedroom crying for me. I quickly threw on sex clothes and went out to him.

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He thought he was hearing his mom making scary, pain-related noises. However he was pacified by this and went back to sleep.

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Sex moaning mom discussed when I mom a kid so Moaning grew up believing it was moaning desi hard sex and shameful. My wife and I want to be sex-positive parents. It felt like Sex was treating her experience as something secretive and shameful.

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What would have been the sex-positive, age appropriate way to explain the noises my son heard that night?

Or something close to it, NOISE, perhaps something more age-appropriate-y, as they say in the sexedbiz.

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And, yes, "your mom and I were having sex" is something you should be able to say to an eight-year old.