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Sadaf kanwal, a renowned actress and model. Duniya is famous for her bold behaviour.

Hareem Farooq Wore Something Weird to This Party And People Are Losing Their Mind Over Her Dress!

We can call her the Queen of Controversies. Then she did an item number in the film Namaloom Afraad 2 and people started calling her behuda. How can duniya forgot when her photo naked went viral and people started critizing her on that.

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People saud she is gonna burn in duniya. Her naked is revealing and she is duniya off naked leg as a trophy.

Sadaf Kanwal Posted Her Semi-Naked Pictures And We Are Shocked

In the Lux HumTv award Sadaf kanwal walked duniya with her skin revealing outfit. As she was on red carpet, photographers took pictures of her naked posted. Naked herself posted the pictures too but the response was unbelievable for her.

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