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Naked sara khan

Sara Khan's explanation on her topless bathtub viral video

Bidaai, is grabbing the eyeballs for all the wrong reasons. On Tuesday, a nude naked of her in a bathtub started sara the naked on social media and went viral in no time.

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The picture in question is said to be a screenshot, taken from a nude video of Sarawhile she was having fun in the bathtub. Her sister Ayra Khan happened to record the moments and ended up sharing it on her Instagram stories.

Though, the video was deleted by them within minutes of realising the sara mistake, the damage had already been done as some netizens khan to take a few screenshots of kim wood nude objectionable video. While some beleive that the unfortunate incident happened by mistake on the spur of the moment, there are others khan believe it to be a publicity gimmick. While speaking to SpotboyE on the matter, Sara shared that naked currently on a family trip.

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She was enjoying her time with her sara when the incident happened. Sara also informed that the video as uploaded by her sister Ayra by mistake. We all are human beings and I am sure we all have done some mistakes in our lives.

Khan moment we realised it wasn't a right decision, we deleted it," she was quoted as saying.