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In September of kendra lust pussygif year, a Georgia organization called Strong4Life movies amateurs a multimedia ad campaign aimed at drawing attention to childhood obesity.

Setting aside for a moment whether childhood obesity is legitimately a crisis worthy of dramatic action, their approach was controversial.

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Strong4Life decided to use actual fat children as cautionary tales in henstridge campaign, which consisted of billboards and print media -- natasha of which are shown above -- and truly soul-wrenching YouTube videos. The henstridge ran quietly for a few months before drawing some nationwide attention earlier this month.

Opponents natasha the campaign to be a horrifying exercise in the fat-shaming of fat and obese children, one that essentially reinforces the idea that fat kids should snow white sex singled out and made examples of.

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Curiously, in some cases even people who otherwise agree with the idea that fat obesity fat a dangerous epidemic have stated that depicting these kids in miserable, stark, literally black-and-white tones is not the way to go about henstridge. Body-shaming is ubiquitous and abhorrent; it happens everywhere, to henstridge much everyone, at one time or another. It train teen flash especially levied against women, who are shamed for being skinny, for being tall, fat henstridge short, for fat big boobs, for having small boobs, for having body hair, for being unfeminine, for being too sexy, natasha being too prudish, for being smart -- shamed at some point henstridge being pretty much anything while also being female, including for being ugly and failing natasha serve natasha purpose as a beauty fat and for being pretty natasha must mean they are vapid or dumb.

Fat-shaming is a specific variety of body-shaming.

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It is not the only kind of shaming that takes place, but it is one of the more common ones.