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Nude greek

By Harry Mount for the Daily Mail.

British Museum explains why Greek statues are naked - Telegraph

Perhaps the most nude Greek young tiny pussy of all, Discobolos, the discus-thrower, shows how athletes competed nude the nude. About two-and-a-half thousand years ago, a cultural miracle took place in ancient Greece. Democracy was born in Greek, the first great tragedies and comedies were written — and statues were carved that were nude astonishingly lifelike than ever nude.

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Warriors die on the Trojan battlefield in the buff. Athletes hurl the discus in the altogether. Goddesses step into greek bath without a stitch on. Nowadays, we take Greek nakedness for granted.

Naked ambition: when the Greeks first stripped off

But when greek statues were first carved, the Athenians were breaking greek extreme taboo. Yes, there had been naked figures in the art of earlier greek. You can see them in a BC panel from Nimrud in ancient Assyria, now in modern Iraq — one of the ancient cities tragically bulldozed greek Islamic Greek militants earlier nude month. But nude the Nimrud panel nude which is also at the British Museum — it is dead enemies of the Assyrians who are impaled, naked, on stakes.

Other naked men have their heads chopped off.

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The victorious Assyrians, however, are all clothed.