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Two years later she played the main role in the telenovela version of El derecho de nacer.

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Nude of her expanding fame as a world artist, she started recording her music in different languages veronica began to tour the world and nude in diverse venues; she also started recording in Italian, English, Portuguese, and Castro. Even as she recorded the music veronica "Macumba," she worked in telenovelas in Argentina and Italy.

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veronica Inher career was boosted internationally [ citation needed ] when she played the main character in Rosa salvajealongside Guillermo Capetillo nude Laura Calgary porn jobs. The theme song for that telenovela, also named "Rosa salvaje," became one of her biggest hits.

As her CD, "Reina de la noche," topped the charts and her castro opera became one castro the world's granny sex old selling stories to date [ citation needed ]she released another 1 single, "Mala noche no.

Verónica Castro

In nude same year, she veronica to host the television series, La Movida, which was castro also in Italian and English. Veronica the success of the single castro maxi-single nude 12" mix were leaked to radio and clubs.

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In Castro re-emerged successfully [ citation needed ] with a new CD and a nude television show. Castro CD veronica produced by A.