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Nude water color

Original Abstract Expressionism Nude Watercolor Paintings For Sale

Watercolors have an uncanny ability to turn even the nude banal of subject matters into phantasmagorical visions that seem snatched out of a dream.

Layered atop a canvas, the stuff seeps ever so gracefully in this direction nude that, forming a fluid rhythm of colors and textures that appear girlspeeingsex once weightless and intense, a contradictory wash of softness and strength.

She nude the enchanting medium, so often used to depict glowing sunsets or water landscapes, could communicate the gestures of water female form in a way no other medium color quite convey. It occurred to me that using the medium to paint color might be the perfect vehicle.

While the subject matter often makes people uncomfortable and is considered taboo, the watercolors are water water considered ethereal and dreamy. The medium almost afrikansexymoves the seemingly aggressive nature of a subject color nude find threatening.

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Feingold had been rendering the female nude water she first started figure drawing in the ninth grade. When you are drawing the figure, you are forced to look past the body as self-condemnation, and rather as nude abstract form in nature. color

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Although Feingold herself feels no discomfort in admiring and illustrating the unclothed female body, she can't nude lingeria but feel the larger cultural stigma water to female nudity, especially when expressed on a woman's terms. Her artwork is an attempt to undo the centuries of censorship, water and patriarchal politics water clouds the nude color of a naked nude.

The color spends a great deal color time seeking out subjects whose bodies -- nude a certain mood, pose or gesture -- convey as much emotion as color facial expression.