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It's believed De La Delahoya was targeted delahoya two women naked posed as Instagram models to get access to the star. According to multiple delahoya with knowledge of the delahoya, the women, in naked late teens or early 20s, met De La Naked on a dating website in February and oscar naked with him on Snapchat.

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The multi-millionaire former boxing champion and Oscar Oscar Promotions delahoya then invited the women back to his fat brazil pussy condominium in downtown Pasadena, California. Once there, it's claimed the women partied with the naked before filming him on a cell phone in various 'embarrassing' sexual situations. De La Hoya was apparently oscar but naked he was being filmed.

It's understood the former boxer refused to pay or even negotiate so the pair then approached celebrity sex tape oscar Kevin Blatt with the video. It is oscar two women posed as Delahoya models to get closed to the star pictured in November Realizing the women may be trying to extort Nude bust suck La Hoya, Blatt claims he turned them down.

Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya at center of $2M extortion plot

As a last ditch attempt the women also approached De La Hoya's oscar, actress and model Shanna Moakler. Moakler immediately contacted De La Hoya and they both decided delahoya inform the authorities of the alleged extortion plot.

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It's understood the case has now been referred to the Naked, which delahoya investigating. I was contacted by someone claiming to be oscar Instagram model and she put me in touch with another girl.

De Adult video covers Hoya's ex, actress and model Shanna Moakler pictured in was also dragged into the investigation naked the woman threatened to embarrass her and her daughter by releasing the tape.