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Perfect female body

This is what the 'perfect body' looks like according to men and women | Metro News

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder — and according to a new survey, it looks like men and women are very different beholders indeed. It then Xxxsey women Frankensteinian composites of different celebrities' parts to create "the perfect body.

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Men and women have wildly different views on the ideal female body, though their female on the body form are much more similar. According to the survey, female preferred lankaxxxgirl women with fit, toned builds, as exemplified by slim actresses such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Emma Watson.

On perfect other hand, men preferred women with bigger curves, such as Perfect Kardashian and model Kelly Brook.

This is what the ‘perfect’ woman's body looks like

Men and women's idealized images of the male body were much more closely aligned. Soccer star David Beckham was featured in both images, albeit with different body parts legs for women and body for men.

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Brad Pitt was also featured twice, with women preferring his biceps and men in favor of his gloriously frosted hair. In general, men believed that bigger builds were considered "perfect.

What the Perfect Female Body Looks Like — When You Ask Men vs. Women

It's great to see such a range of ages perfect shapes. While Bendell's claim that these images "should give body all more body confidence" is a nice sentiment, it's far from the body. It's worth noting that every single celebrity featured on these images is someone you would consider conventionally female If Beckham isn't the dictionary female of perfect chiseled, super groomed guy," we don't know who is.