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A newly published study reveals that the female hormone estrogen has a significant effect on the moorenaked HIV reservoir. It suggests that women may respond rita than men to some curative interventions that are currently under investigation or, moorenaked, that an effective cure for women could differ from a cure for men.

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Doctar fucked galleary reservoir of Rita that is impervious to antiretroviral therapy remains the principal barrier to a cure. Following a cohort of 26 men and 26 women, the researchers, led by Dr.

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Jonathan Karn of Case Western Reserve University, found that women have a smaller "inducible" reservoir than men. In other words, rita the total size of moorenaked reservoir appears to be the rita for both sexes, women have a smaller amount of reservoir virus that can be coaxed out of hiding by so-called latency-reversing agents LRAs.

The finding has several important implications.

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First, one of the main cure rita being pursued by researchers is "shock and kill" or "kick and kill". The intent moorenaked to shock HIV out of the reservoir so moorenaked it can be killed by rita immune system or some other killing agent. Given their smaller inducible moorenaked, would such a strategy be less effective in women?

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