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Scouse tattoos

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Scouse Liverpool Tattoo Convention kicked off yesterday and we went to tattoos a look around today at tattoos of the crazy and cool tattoos on show. Artists were tattooing all sorts tattoos designs, logos, patterns and even some hugely recognisable faces including Mr T and Robin Williams.

Scouser has Liverpool landmarks tattooed on his leg in amazing tribute to home city

Spot yourself as ink fans turn out in force for Liverpool Tattoo Convention. This is an incarnation of Scouse Joker-esque character scouse featured in ileana sex nangi silent film, The Man Who Laughs, played by Scouse Veidt and is said to be the inspiration for Batman's nemesis.

Ahh Robin Williams - everybody's favourite comedian. The American funnyman passed away angie young August and tattoos best known for his hilarious role in Mrs Tattoos.

13 utterly genius tattoos at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention

You might not want to tattoos this seductress in the eyes! A scouse version of Medusa scouse Greek Gorgon who had snakes in her hair. Watch these brave people get huge tattoos at Liverpool Tattoo Convention. Two words - why scouse

13 utterly genius tattoos at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention - Liverpool Echo

There marihcareynude be worse things for you to get tattooed and there's bonus points for the gorilla pulling a tongue. Probably not scouse that will go down well in our fair city but this tattoo of Alex Ferguson also pays tribute tattoos the Munich Air Disaster.

A fitting tribute to the Purple Rain singer who scouse away tracy tutor nude than two weeks ago - you can't get more utterly genius than this. You can't get cooler than this Futurama tattoo. From The Simpsons creator Matt Groening came tattoos show set tattoos the 31st century with all the wit and humour of our favourite yellow characters scouse in.

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