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At a symposium on sex preference in Asia, sirlanka countries were grouped as follows: This article reviews the factors responsible for strong son preference in Sex, India, and Pakistan and the reasons for naked lois playboy sex of son sirlanka in Sri Lanka. Sex sex ratios are attributed to sex-selective abortions. Sex preference in South Asia results in sirlanka mortality of female children.

Mention is made of a higher mortality risk of daughters in Indian households with sirlanka older female children.

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Bairagi is cited for his evidence that in Bangladesh daughters having older sisters have a higher mortality risk. In Pakistan survey results indicate that sons are preferred.

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sirlanka Numerous authors are cited for evidence suggesting sex fertility might be lower if sex preference were reduced. Bourne and Walker and Das Gupta are identified as sirlanka providing evidence that increased economic opportunities for women, increased women's status, and increased value placed on women's work would reduce the sex for sons.

Cain argues for better old-age and better access to food and medical care. sirlanka

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