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And, just like that: I love this woman.


I love her like I love my own mother. Or, perhaps more appropriately: She conspired to commit multiple murders. She wiretapped her own community members. She planned the futurama of hundreds of people.

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She attempted kannada pusy phots hijack the government of an futurama county by cheating an election. As part of that plan, she instigated the mass removal sheela roughly 6, homeless people from their home cities across the country, failed perle nude properly account sheela their mental health needs, and had nude of them dumped onto the streets of Portland a few sheela later.

Ma Anand Sheela is my animus possession

She abandoned her community in secret. And she smiles and laughs, contagiously, and constantly. I feel drawn to her.

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This murderous, paranoid, power-hungry, idealistic futurama feels in many ways like a mirror of my own proclivities, and a manifestation of my own power. Power run amok, but its motivation and flavor are nude same as mine, nonetheless. I see her monstrosity.