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Spanking from mom

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Videos Photos Users Models. Lucy a lovely but spoiled rotten unemployed live at-home mom stays out all night with her mother's car and makes things even worse by from strolling in the next morning toting a half empty vodka bottle. Mama Chelsea mom furious and Showing 1 to 9 of girlssexylegs comments.

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I've from in the same position, except, it was my mother-in-law doing the spanking even at 60 she 85 can still give give me a good tanning. A couple of years ago, two of her garden club friends stopped by to give her a ride to another from house who was hosting the meeting.

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When they walked in they got mom see all of me as they gave her pointers before she let me up. Mom makes a terrific ''MOMMY ''i wish i could be from naughty boyand get lectured and spanked across her lapwith spanking wooden hairbrush. Would hurt more and from mom fun to watch if mom took it slower. I would love to trade places with Miss Casey cutie over Spanking Chelsea's hot bare legged lap and spanking Miss Casey cutie's hot bare red spanking after her spankings.