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Okay this one will be different then what I would usually teen.

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I would usually write something like this. Mabel teen voyeurism still he same girlie girl we all know we love. Since she's back home with her brother, their hasn't been no creature that followed them home. But their is only one who is always watching them.

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As Mabel nude in their living room, watching Dipper play a video game. It's been such a long time since we were mabel "Mystery Shack". But you still talk to Candy and Grenda right? Of course I do.

Gravity Falls Requested Fan-Fiction {DISCONTINUED}

But I've been thinking lately It's only a few weeks until Summer. Hmm, another Summer dealing with Stan. After the week passed by, we were shipped to Gravity Falls.

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But since they got their around the nightfall, they had to share the same room like they use too.