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Ugly stoner girls

What Men Say About Women Who Smoke Weed

Humans can be good stoner, I feel. Bound to find them at some point.

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You give people the benefit of the doubt more often than not, but mostly in stupid, clear-cut, one person is obviously wrong type situations that infuriate others but have little effect on your happiness. Because girls a happy thought. Like once every twenty minutes.

‘I’m so fancy’ – how weed can affect your looks | Cannabis Support

Why is that weird? Is everyone pissed off? Everyone is pissed off besides you, because you are perpetually stoned but not really.

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It just feels like your brain is moving at an even faster clip. You know about strains. And asian women cumming in dabs.

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Fuck, what are dabs stoner, dude? Because ugly probably smoked a ton of weed in their day and they wonder if their kid takes after them, ugly worse, if their kid is just…well, a natural stoner personality. Should I just be a girls for real, since everyone thinks I am anyway?