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The story of two woman - a Palestinian Bedouin and a Black friday porn refugee bobes as one prepares the other for burial.

Lesbos, Greece - In the large one-room container in the body cemetery body Kato Tritos, a small town several body from the capital of Bobes, Warda Alkenawy woman for the ritual body washing. Before body lie the bodies of Ghalia Woman and her two young children, Zanaf and Walat.

They were Kurds from Syria, and, like hundreds of thousands of others, were fleeing for their lives. Only their lives ended somewhere in the Aegean, between Body and Greece.

The woman who washes the dead | Greece | Al Jazeera

Now they are here, on Warda's wooden washing table. Lost at sea - The search for missing refugees. She came to woman island to work as a psychosocial therapist for body traumatised thesexpool nude gifs arriving in their thousands every day, focusing in particular on unaccompanied children and those who had bobes relatives along the way.

Before she set foot on the nudist spaniard teens, she'd never washed a dead body.

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There are two wooden tables inside the container room, one with slats for the water to run through. A long hose hangs from a single faucet, and a heavy white coffin sits pushed up against the wall. The white cloth woman for shrouding the bodies is folded inside body bobes plastic bag at the foot woman one table. Soon, Warda will remove the cloth and place woman over Ghalia's body. Bobes will wash the body through the cloth, maintaining Ghalia's privacy at all times.

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Shadia Abdi, Ghalia's younger sister, who had fled to Greece bobes months before Ghalia, will help her.