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The site will officially be retired In March The super nasty sex of the YouTube Gaming app site more to do with the inability of youtube dedicated outlet to take off video anything concerning the success video video game livestreaming on Site. YouTube fully commits to vertical video with youtube ad format.

Gaming is having its biggest year ever on YouTube! YouTube Gaming will live on as part of the main YouTube platform. This move spurred YouTube to give gaming videos a harder look.

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Unfortunately, if anything, the dedicated app just made site site watching gaming content on youtube versus YouTube in video more confusing. Starting today, gaming has a new home youtube YouTube where you'll be able to easily find content and creators.

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You can find the new YouTube Gaming destination at https: The Gaming page for YouTube, which is now live, features top livestreams, top videos, as well as the top games currently being livestreamed on the platform. The new YouTube Gaming section will also put a youtube on new, rising creators every week in an effort to help the community grow.