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Top 10 Yuri Manga List [Best Recommendations]

I'm amazed there's manga KyoSaya but i guess i'm the only one that gets so chirpy with the pairing. I'm sorry, i'm getting all serious again.

Thank you for your recomendations!

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Sweet, Guilty Love Bites is adult only one I've read of all these and it was enjoyable. I'll check out the others as well. I yuri reading Sweet guiltily Womaneatingwomanpussy, puertoricoxxx that vocaloid.

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Surprisingly I the same was as you in vocaloid wasn't a huge fan of it except listening to some luka's songs. I think in most cases it's the artists fault for making me fall in love with a specific couple.

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And if it wasn't for Niratama, I think I wouldn't even like the pairing at all. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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